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Eastham Rental AssistanceWith funds from the Town of Eastham CPC, HECH administers a Rental Assistance Program to income qualified households who live or work in Eastham. HECH is currently accepting applications for this program.

“I am a newly single mother of a one-year-old child and have been receiving rental assistance for a few months now. I work, am college-educated and consider myself to be a very responsible adult, but my living situation changed quickly and unexpectedly.

Since having my child I have only been able to work part-time, for two reasons in particular. First, childcare is very expensive and placement is difficult to find. Secondly, until recently my child’s father and I took turns watching her, and his full-time work schedule only allowed for me to have part-time availability. The money that I brought home paid for groceries, and I never imagined that I’d have to find a way for that same amount to also cover rent and utilities. When full responsibility for my daughter was given to me, I had to scramble to find housing and another form of childcare so that I could continue to work. A family member agreed to help watch after my child, but the amount of time that this has allowed me to work has not changed.

Housing, let alone affordable housing, is very difficult to find. It became even more difficult to convince somebody to rent to me as the single parent of a young child with one limited income. Finally, when I found a suitable place with a reasonable rent, that amount of money was still too significant for me to be able to manage on my own. Rental assistance allowed us the opportunity to move and to do so constructively. I am able to focus on raising my daughter rather than scrambling to resolve a housing crisis and prioritizing bills.

In the time that I am able to benefit from it, I will be able to reconstruct our lives and become more self-sufficient. Now, we are stable and well-adjusted and it is largely because of this invaluable resource”.

-Jane, Eastham Rental Assistance Recipient



It is the intention of this program to assist households in gapping the difference in rental payments for households at or below 60% of AMI. Applicants will be required to go through a certification process to determine a household’s income and other eligibility requirements. Once awarded in the program participants can access up to $350, for up to 3 years.

After 3 years in the program an applicant would be deemed ineligible for the program. All applicants are REQUIRED to participate in a Goal Setting program throughout the Rental Assistance payment period.

Please check the Income Table to be sure that your household income is within the guidelines. Household income includes earned and unearned income received by all members of your household who are 18 and older. Income earned by full-time students is excluded.



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Applications are reviewed “First come, First review.”


Be sure to read the directions for completing the application very carefully! Do not leave blanks. If not applicable, write “n/a” or “0”.

Incomplete applications or those that do not include all necessary documentation will not be processed

For information or questions contact Martha Person at 508-432-0015 ext. 102

Please Return Applications to HECH, PO Box 638, Harwich, MA 02671


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