H.E.C.H. Rentals and Application

H.E.C.H. Rentals and ApplicationsHECH manages 46 affordable housing units using the HUD home income and rent limits to establish monthly rates. This rental program is an invaluable resource for community members struggling to find safe and secure housing. HECH currently has 117 people who are directly benefiting from this program with safe and affordable housing.



A letter from one of our participants:

“My name is Lisa,

I am the happiest I have been in many years thanks to HECH. A few years ago I was the average person working 2 jobs to make ends meet , not realizing I was living pay check to pay check and 1 curve ball could put me in jeopardy of losing my home.

One day that curve ball came and just like that I was homeless. I have lived in my car with 2 dogs, lived in a landscaping garage and would shower at a gym. I was cleaning houses by day and offices at night to save up money for first, last, and security deposit. To no avail something would always come up, car problems , vet bills etc. A couple years ago I found a landlord who let me rent a place with no deposits needed, however I soon found out why. My living conditions were very dangerous, and police were called to the property on a weekly basis. I lived there a long time feeling there was no way out until someone told me about HECH.

I decided to give them a call and from that day forward I could not believe the dedication and compassion of the people who run HECH, how they go above and beyond for the people they work with. I had been working diligently with Nicole for a long time, she told me not to give up, even though I would leave her office in tears I didn’t lose hope or faith that she was always trying to help me. One day last October I finally got the phone call from Nicole that she had found me a home, that I like to call my forever home. There are no words to describe how safe and happy I feel. I still find myself walking around my home and cannot believe this is real and not a dream. If I could give any advice to people waiting for a home it would be to never give up!! HECH will not forget about you and your family, keep in mind they are always working hard to find you a safe and secure home we all pray for.



Housing Application

Please complete our Housing Application and mail to:

P.O. Box 638
West Harwich, MA 02671

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HECH Rental application

For any questions, please contact Marcy Vigneau at 508-432-0015 ext. 101

P.O. BOX 638


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